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Who do you represent?

We represent students from the Italia Conti Academy and their Associate Schools. Our artists are selected for their professionalism, skills and suitability for professional work.


Does it cost anything to join?

No agent should charge a fee and we work solely on commission. However, all artists must advertise on Spotlight which is payable yearly and must have up-to-date headshots which will help to secure more auditions.

Can you guarantee work for your artists?

Like any agency we cannot guarantee any work or auditions. We receive a casting breakdowns from casting directors and then suggest any artists we think are suitable. Whether artists are asked to audition or offered a job really depends what they are being cast for and if they fit the brief.

How much notice will you give of auditions?

We cannot say how much notice will be given, sometimes it can be a week, sometimes  the night before! It is therefore important that artists keep us informed of availability if and if there are any other important commitments.

Do you allow artists to be represented by more than one Agency?

Our agency offers sole representation and therefore artists cannot be represented by another agency.

Do you promote Modelling work?

We are not a modelling agency and instead focus on all other areas of the entertainment industry.

What happens if the artist is in Education?

If children work during term time and it is a long engagement then a tutor is provided. For shorter engagements, children can be set work and the chaperone can supervise. Many chaperones are tutor/chaperones. It is important that artists catch up on any schoolwork missed.

I would like to enquire about using your artists for a production?

If you are a casting director or producer and are looking for artists, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


I have always found the Italia Conti Agency young clients extremely well trained and very talented.

They are a delight to audition, confident and very focused!


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