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Our courses are unique in providing students with the opportunity to train in musical theatre, specialised circus skills and teacher training and therefore graduate with a variety of different qualifications. 

Face life's adventure without fear, till safely home where the rainbow ends.

Italia Conti, 1911


Performing Arts is Italia Conti’s internationally acclaimed program, providing practical training and instruction in all aspects of the entertainment industry. Our training directly addresses the competitive demands of todays industry and prepares professionals with a broad, in-depth background. Pupils actively participate in a supportive, professional environment, taught by leading experts and artists currently working in todays theatre business.


Founded in 1911, Italia Conti is the world's most prestigious performing arts education program for secondary school level and further education. Pupils attend an intense five day a week training program which includes academic studies in a variety of subjects such as English, Maths and Science, and vocational training, focused on the key disciplines, including Acting, Dance, Singing, Voice and the many facets of each, as well as the critical life skills necessary to prepare them to work in the professional world of entertainment. Emphasis is not only placed on the individual art forms but also on the collaborative process and the collective creation of theatre arts. 

The course offers physical, practical and theoretical training which is professional and highly technically challenging with a strong focus on each individuals needs and specific preparation for further education. Academically, the course is rated highly when inspected by the ISI and we have excellent GCSE results year upon year.

Through daily technique classes, the course will establish excellent technical grounding and push pupils to reach their potential. In year 10 and 11 pupils will receive additional support as they work toward their GCSE exams and assistance with their audition preparation and application procedure to progress onto further eduction. We aim to create a safe and supportive environment guiding students through this complex and often stressful process to give our students the best start to their career by preparing themfully in their chosen area.

The changing demands in GCSE expectations means that the curriculum is under constant review and as an independent school we have the autonomy to monitor and initiate an innovative programme appropriate to our pupils. Our school retains the best elements of a traditional education whilst embracing the most useful aspects of current educational thought.


Our mission is to provide educational excellence and to mould creative, collaborative, professional performers. In addition, Italia Conti is not only interested in artistic training but also in creating a well rounded, disciplined, healthy performer and company member. The goal is to sharpen the physical, mental and emotional tools required to enjoy a healthy existence in the performing arts arena.


Italia Conti teachers are committed and dedicated to developing dynamic and confident performers and have extensive professional teaching and industry experience. Our faculty includes tutors that have performed alongside some of the biggest names in musical theatre and worked in every area of the industry. Pupils will also benefit from a wide range of workshops, performances and guest teachers.

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